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Aromatherapy Oils

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Our oils are suitable for

  • Relieving Stress & Anxiety
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • Soothes Chronic Pain
  • Improves skin tone

Our aromatherapy Oils promote physical and mental wellbeing. Call or e-mail us, we may be able to help.

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Aromatherapy Oils

The practice of using Aromatherapy oils could be seen as an extension to the field of herbal medicine. As a general rule, it is best to use essential oils for external use only. Aromatherapy oils can be used to treat skin, muscle, joint, digestive and respiratory disorders and may help alleviate the condition.

Our herbal products cover an extensive range of ailments and may help insomnia, menopausal and IBS problems. They also help to detox from overindulgence in rich food and drink.

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